Belk Inc. Technology & Website Upgrades to Bring New Jobs

Belk Inc. Technology & Website Upgrades to Bring New Jobs

November 2010
Belk Inc, the nation’s largest privately-owned department store chain, has announced that it plans to hire 75 information technology workers at its Charlotte headquarters over the next two years to boost online sales and upgrade its systems. The new hires are part of a $150 million upgrade to Belk’s system which includes their goals to boost their online presence to keep up with competitors in a marketplace where online sales are growing rapidly.

Many of the jobs are expected to be listed on the company’s website by early next year. In addition to trying to ramp up e-commerce sales, Belk is getting ready to replace its current systems for ordering and allocating merchandise. President Johnny Belk said while the new information “plumbing” is a behind-the-scenes upgrade, customers should notice a better selection of goods at stores as a result.

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