A.M.C.S Bodega

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Start Date: April 1, 2012
End Date: April 1, 2012
Time: 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Location: 399 E. 35th Street, Charlotte, NC 28205




This will be the first of many AMCS Bodega events. AMCS stands for art, music, clothing and sneakers. Although it is small, the street culture in Charlotte is more present than ever with the local brands and artist emeriging everyday. Because of this, we would like to bring all of these together in one forum for us to enjoy and continue the growth of street culture in Charlotte. 


With that said, Nameus, Alexx K. Gray and F4mily Matters would like to proudly present the first ever AMCS BODEGA 2012. 


-Whats in store?

The main event will be the large line-up of local talent we have performing for us. From rappers to singers, we will be entrenched with new music from arist that represent Charlotte’s best. We will have 15 acts showcasing their talents that night, with two of Charlottes best and upcomming DJ’s, Ngenius and Phalse ID. 



Street art is also on the rise here in Charlotte, we plan to showcase and have tables for Charlottes finest in street art. 



Theres an abundance of local clothing lines that are trying to get their feet planted in fashion. Here at the AMCS Bodega these brands will have a chance to broadcast their lines to the masses.



Now I know what your thinking, another sneaker showcase right? But in actuallity this sneakerevent will not focus mainly on the buying selling and trading of sneakers but more so the art of the sneaker. Tables will present their best collections and will be judged accordingly. 

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