Inner Circle’s Finale July 3rd

Inner Circle’s Finale July 3rd

Ahh yes, the rumors are credible…
The Inner Circle jerseys are headed for the rafters as we’re approaching our final toast. If you’ve ever partied w. us before, let’s get it in one last time and go nutz…the good people @ BUTTER will assist.

Is this the end?
Have you felt it? Have you experienced the true emotion that an Inner Circle Event evokes? Our solitary driving lust for the past IX years has been to make you move. To push you closer to a nearly emotional experience; closer to that moment when the cocktails and the music meet and…for a second…you feel it.

You Are Beautiful Insanity Personified!
For this July 4th weekend, the Queen City’s most inspired event hosts get patriotic and host their final curtain call. All good things must come to an end, so join us one last time as we celebrate Life, Liberty, and the ever-constant Pursuit of Excellence; a finale like no other anchored by great people, great music, and the closing chapter of a decade-long saga powered by You!

Inner Circle Events presents The Black Swan Song :: Fade To Black ::
The Inner Circle Curtain Call
Sunday, July 3rd, 2011 · BUTTER · 900 East Seaboard Street · Uptown Charlotte · Private Selective Event · Doors Open at 10p · Dance until 2a.

w/ Epicurean Dancers
w/ Musical Score by DJ Bobby Drake in The Level I Fade To Black Suite
w/ Musical Memories brought to you by DJ AA in The Level II Nostalgia Suite
w/ Your Finest Summer Attire
w/ Our Most Sincere Thanks For The Ride

*Special Highlight* · The Level II Nostalgia Suite Will Embody A Musical Voyage Thru The Golden Era of Hip-Hop (circa 1994 – 2001) · The Level I Fade To Black Suite Will Host The Beautiful Socialites of Our Queen City As We All Go Effing Nuts.

The Ultimate Movement. Now The Ultimate Finale.
Our Love Affair w. Charlotte Remains Eternal.

Time: 10pm Cost: Varies; Adv tix available online

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