Charlotte Startup Socialtopias Launches New Social Network

Charlotte Startup Socialtopias Launches New Social Network

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tomorrow Charlotte based startup Socialtopias launches its social network described as for ‘real life’ fun and its developers say it can revolutionize your “real” social life.

Based in a small SouthEnd office suite, Socialtopias targets nightlife and social interactions as it seeks to become a social media application that connects people for real-world interactions, its founder Joshua Lineberger said at a press conference this morning.

“You feel more connected than ever, but we’ve never been more disconnected,” Lineberger says of most social networks. He says social networks should be built to lead people to connect in the real-life situations, rather than just exchange information online. He believes Socialtopias and its nightlife niche will accomplish that vision.

Socialtopias can help users plan a night out on the town, by listing events happening in the city and linking different people interested in the same plans.

Lineberger and partner and operations director Martin Miller of Greer, S.C. say they developed the concept over the past four years, raising $4.2 million last year, mostly in a private placement with a wealthy investor who’s identity was not publicly disclosed.

They say Charlotte is their home and their perfect launch city.

It’s partnering with Uber, the Charlotte Hornets and local bars, restaurants and night clubs.

Socialtopias should be available and online by New Year’s Day.

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