Designated Drivers Encouraged on New Year’s Eve

Designated Drivers Encouraged on New Year’s Eve

December 29, 2011

New Year’s Eve is a busy time for drunken driving checkpoints because too many people do not make good decisions.

Statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal fewer people are drinking and driving compared to five years ago. However, the numbers also show about 112 million drunk drivers on the road last year.

“One of the big fears from people that don’t drink very much on New Year’s Eve or don’t drink at all, is the other people that are driving on the road that have had too much to drink,” said Tom Crosby of AAA Carolinas.

Last year, AAA Carolinas offered a free tow to anyone who needed to get home safely. AAA Carolinas helped 46 people get home just on New Year’s Eve alone. But Crosby said they saw too many people abusing the program, such as an intoxicated person in Raleigh who was trying to get a ride to Charlotte.

Taxis are always an option, but the services can be overwhelmed during major holidays like New Year’s Eve.

“We feel like we’re better than a taxi because we can basically get you and your car home,” said Kenny Moore of Providence Concierge Service.

The former Carolina Panther helps run the family-owned car service business but said they saw a dire need for designated driver services as well.

“There are a lot of repercussions for driving drunk. You have go to these classes and you have to drive with that little thing in the car, people don’t want to deal with that,” said Moore.

Anyone who sees an impaired driver can report them by calling the State Highway Patrol at *HP.

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