Southwest Airlines to Fly Out of Charlotte

Southwest Airlines to Fly Out of Charlotte

January 20, 2012

Southwest Airlines will begin flying out of Charlotte Douglas International Airport as part of its acquisition of AirTran Airways.

The nation’s largest low-cost carrier says Charlotte is one of 22 Air Tran destinations that will be integrated into Southwest’s route network, according to a Friday press release from Southwest Airlines.

The move could be a relief for fliers, as competition from low-cost carriers tends to drive down airfares. The merger is part of a round of industry consolidation, including United-Continental and Delta-Northwest.

Southwest didn’t give a date for when the switch from AirTran will occur, only saying it will happen over time.

“We are committed to continuing to serve these communities — at first via AirTran, and eventually as Southwest,” Bob Jordan, AirTran’s president and Southwest’s chief commercial officer, said in a statement.

Southwest bought Atlanta-based AirTran Holdings Inc. in May 2011 in a deal valued at $3.2 billion. The purchase gave Southwest access to 38 airports it hadn’t served before – most notably Atlanta.

Charlotte passengers will be able to fly to Southwest’s 72 destinations in 37 states.

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